So in Russia Champagne is no longer allowed to be called Champagne?!!!

Champagne Sparkling Wine

Let’s talk about “Shampanskoye”, what do you think this means for the wine industry?

As you may have heard, Russian authorities are challenging the wine world with a new law put forward earlier last week that requires French Champagne producers to add the words “sparkling wine” on the back of the label if they want to sell their bottles in Russia.

French Champagne producers have been left in a fizz over the new Russian law that they say tries to undermine their world-famous brand, as they are proud of their name and brand and some are refusing to use any reference to “sparkling wine”. This new law allows Russian producers of sparkling wine to use “shampanskoye” — the Russian word for Champagne — on their bottles. It’s shocking the industry world-wide!

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