No Planet B – How is the changing climate affecting the wine industry?

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In the past couple of months alone there have been extreme heat warnings in the UK, devastating floods across central Europe, India and China, as well as huge fires in the USA. This is the reality of the climate and nature crisis we are all facing today. 

How does this impact the wine we drink?

First and foremost, as we all know winemaking is all about viticulture and farming the land. Mother nature can either give you a helping hand or destroy crops for the entire year. Then in addition to the vineyard conditions, winemaking relies heavily upon its wineries for the vinification process. Let’s take Germany for example, the recent flood disaster has had a devastating impact on many, including the wine producers of the Ahr Valley. Particularly in Ahrweiler, but also in the surrounding villages of Mayschoss and Dernau, where the deluge of water has carried away barrels, wine bottles and machines, thus destroying entire wine-producing businesses and livelihoods. The number of winegrowing businesses affected, the severity, and the extent to which the disaster will affect the entire Ahr region with its 563 hectares of vineyards, will probably take weeks to quantify.

If these climate struggles continue then no doubt this will reduce the amount of wine available for supply which will inevitably lead to higher prices as the demand for wine around the world isn’t decreasing.

This time in Germany humanity stepped up, through people’s overwhelming willingness to provide help as well as solidarity. For instance, many growers from different wine regions are already on site with forklifts, vineyard tractors or pumps to save what can still be saved. External helpers are also on duty to help with any urgently needed vineyard work in order to secure the upcoming vintage. Numerous wine donations have also been made, the sales of which will benefit the affected wine producers of the Ahr region in particular.

If you would like to support the German Wine Industry (DWI) they are currently gathering aid and donation offers on its website as well as generating its own donations in collaboration with its agencies abroad. To collate all contributions, the DWI will use a donation account at the Farmers and Winegrowers’ Association of Rhineland-Nassau in which the Ahr Winegrowing Association is also organized. This way, the proceeds from the numerous aid campaigns can directly benefit the Ahr winegrowers, who urgently and unbureaucratically need money for the reconstruction of their businesses, which will certainly take a long time. 

Donation account details:
Beneficary (field 59)
Account: DE14 5519 0000 0619 7860 15
Beneficary: Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH
Beneficary Bank (field 57a)
Bank Name: DZ Bank AG, Frankfurt / Germany
Bank-to-Bank-Information (field 72)
/acc/ Mainzer Volksbank eG, Mainz / Germany
Purpose: Donation Ahr Flooding

You can also get in touch with us to take a look at all the German winemakers we have for you to taste.

Our thoughts are with all winemakers across the world who are struggling with the climate and nature crisis we are all facing today. We are so grateful for their never-ending efforts to create delicious wines for us all to enjoy. We all have the power to make positive changes and make a difference, don’t you agree? After all, there is no Planet B!